Our team

We have a prepared and balanced team. We throw ourselves into this project, with perseverance and ambition to create a global trend in the evolution of the ice-cream.

  • Bartomeu Riutord - Chairman (Co-founder)
  • Jaume Riutord - Vice Chairman (Co-founder)
  • Ángel Morado - Franchise Arquitect (Co-founder)
  • Joan Juaneda - Quality Director (Co-founder)
  • Francisco Serrano - General Director (CEO)
  • Pere Pau Jiménez - Operations Director (COO)
  • Joan Miquel Llompart - Financial Director (CFO)
  • Valentina Viejo - Marketing Director (CMO)
  • Jesús Calvo - IT Director (CTO)
  • Ana López de Soria - Expansion Director
  • María Gallardo - HR Director (CHRO)
  • Joan Francesc Company - Management Director


Ice Wave headquarters are located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Where the brand control all the shops and gives them support.

Our headquarters has different departments as Marketing, Technological, Expansion, Financial… All of them allow execute perfectly the franchise needs and process.

Our Team

Este es el ejemplo de un texto alternativo Joan, Jaume, Bartomeu and Ángel, founding partners of Ice Wave.


November, 2018

Employment creation awarded by Expansión newspaper and IFEMA in the XIV edition of the SME Awards.

June, 2018

Finalists of the XIV Entrepreneurial Project Competition in the Tourism Sector of the FGE-CETT.

May, 2018

Award to the Balearic Franchise of greater expansion by Expertia.

November, 2017

Award to the Revelation Franchise Fifsur 2017, granted by FIFSUR.

March, 2016

Rosa de Plata 2016 Award for entrepreneurship organized by Barna Center Barri Gòtic at Ice Wave Barcelona.

February, 2016

Premis Emprenedor XXI Finalist, granted by CaixaBank.

February, 2016

Winner of the Third Edition of Emprende Competition granted by Brain Prise.

January, 2016

Finalist in the XI edition of the Premis Joves Empresaris of Balears 2015, organized by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the Balearic Islands and CaixaBank.

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